Stepping into the Whimsical World of Artist, Guy Kettelhack




Artist, Guy Hettelhack, ‘The Facts of the Biz’ (vidded)

In a difficult and somber year, here is an artist that will surely put a smile on your face. Step into artist, Guy Kettelhack’s world of whimsical creatures and fanciful poems.

We know Guy to be surrounded by a plethora of artistic friends ~ in visual arts, film, music, dance and acting. So when we heard that one of his friends, the very talented Gary Hilborn, created a short video/interview, we couldn’t wait to see ‘One’s Work‘ from Due South Films on Vimeo.

We’ve always known that a day doesn’t end without Guy creating a poem, coupled with a drawing ~ a sort of visual, putting his words into an image describing the poem. As he put it, “they agree to be seen with each other.” He called this a “weird, compulsive disease” where he has created “an absurd number of poems and over 4,000 drawings.” We just smile, knowing that he is an artist through and through, with a lot to say ~ or rather, his creatures have a lot to say, and they say it on his blog site, Act Three.

In 2012, we joined Guy at one of his many exhibitions. This one at New World Stages, where he not only shared his art, but played violin during the Opening Reception.

Guy Kettelhack & good friend and artist, Donna Boguslav, at the Opening Reception at New World Stages

The exhibition, 4950 Drawings & Prints: A Group Exhibition and three-person show, curated by Bernard State, responded to poetry, jazz and classical music.

Guy Kettelhack exhibition at New World Stages was partly on walls, and partly on floor-to-celing screens

The huge, two-level gallery space allowed for art on the walls as well as images of the art flashed onto floor-to-ceiling screens.

New World Stages exhibition with floor-to-ceiling screens ~ flashing images of Kettelhack’s whimsical creations

More delightful creatures popped up at the wonderful exhibition, Donna & Guy’s Magical Mystery Tour at Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea in 2016, where he shared the gallery with friend and artist (and former dancer), Donna Boguslav.

It’s a “Magical Mystery Tour’ exhibition at Atlantic Gallery in Chelsea

We can not close this post without a mention of his years of participation in The Broadway Bach Ensemble, a 45-piece community chamber orchestra made up of members from all walks of life, who take their playing seriously and love to play professionally together.

As part of Broadway Bach

I leave you with this…..

Out of wall space? You can explore original artwork by Guy Kettelhack on clothing and scarfs at Vida. Guy lives and works in the East Village. Follow the artist on his blog site, Act Three or on Facebook.