‘Summer Breeze’ Opening at Fremin Gallery NYC




ANTOINE ROSE – “La Madrague” – 40″ x 40″. Image courtesy Fremin Gallery

Fremin Gallery’s latest exhibition, “SUMMER BREEZE”, captures the peaceful energy of the summertime with stunning artworks from Bob Tabor, Antoine Rose, and Christophe Pouget. Their images tap into our collective desire to escape the heat and relax along the water as the hot summer days take over.

Transporting viewers to the Hamptons, St. Tropez, Venice, and more, the photographs provide a welcome respite from hectic city life, encouraging us to slow down and embrace the calm atmosphere of the summer.

CHRISTOPHE POUGET – “Miami Vibes” – 60″ x 60″. Image courtesy Fremin Gallery.

In Bob Tabor’s “7316” photograph, the rich, moonlit blues contrasted by bright white sea spray, fully immerse the viewer within the dynamic seascapes. Just by looking at the work, you can hear the crashing waves and feel the refreshing splash of the cool water. His images channel the meditative qualities of the ocean, transforming turbulence into tranquility by drowning out the excess noise both externally and internally.

“SUMMER BREEZE” invites viewers to step back and use these long summer days to connect with their innermost selves, finding moments of serenity within the bustling city. Photography uniquely freezes time within a specific snapshot, expanding a singular moment to create the space and time to truly take it all in. This exhibition inspires a calm and thoughtful journey to encourage mindfulness and peace throughout the summer and beyond.

BOB TABOR – “7316” – 38″ X 72′

Summer Breeze will be on view from July 29 to September 4, 2021 with artist reception on Thursday, July 29th from 6-8pm at Fremin Gallery, 520 West 23rd Street, NYC.