Suprina’s DNA Totem to be On View on The Walkway Over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie!




Suprina: The DNA Totem in Marcus Garvey Park, 2016

Let’s take a ride! This time, Upstate to Poughkeepsie/Highland, where the artist. Suprina, will be exhibiting The DNA Totem on The Walkway Over the Hudson ~ a walking bridge that spans the 1.28 miles across the Hudson River, connecting Poughkeepsie to Highland, beginning July 26th.

Suprina: The DNA Totem in Marcus Garvey Park, 2016

The DNA Totem  has an intriguing history, beginning life in 2016 in Harlem, when the artist set her sights on a discussion related to the tons of trash we create in our lifetime ~ estimated to be about 102 tons per person. A ‘call for discarded objects‘ went out within the community, and before she know it, she was attaching everything from old cell phones, and roller-skate wheels to compasses, toy cars and cameras! (Is that someone’s retainer?) Possessions once held dear, headed for the scrapheap, to be transformed into a work of art.

Take a closer look.

The installation, shaped like an actual DNA molecule, twisted its way to becoming ten-feet tall, with objects fixed to each part of the spiral. When it was finished, it was a humorous representation of the lives of our friends and neighbors, but a serious display of the enormity of our waste. It was, nevertheless, a colorful installation that, through curator Connie Lee of the Marcus Garvey Park Alliance, in conjunction with New York City Parks, unveiled The DNA Totem on one of the levels leading up to the Acropolis and the historic Harlem Fire Watchtower, overlooking Fifth Avenue at 120th Street in Harlem.

Walkway Over The Hudson

The DNA Totem by Suprina will be on The Walkway Over The Hudson with a Poughkeepsie entrance at 61 Parker Avenue, and a Highland entrance at 87 Haviland Road. The Walkway, which is ADA compliant, is free, and spans 1.28 miles from gate to gate. It stands 212 Feet above the Hudson River. The installation will be on view for one year.

Supporting programming will include a series Suprina calls ‘Trash Talks‘ ~ a time when artist’s who also theme their work around the environment, will perform and interact with the community. In addition, youth found-object art projects will be scheduled.

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