Storefront for Art + Architecture announces ~ Arabesque




Photo: Process image from “Collages” by Rayyane Tabet. Created for Arabesque,
an exhibition organized by Storefront for Art and Architecture, 2020.

Storefront for Art + Architecture will open its doors to Arabesque, an exhibition of new works by Rayyane Tablet that explores notions of context and appropriation in our built environment through the road of ornamentation. Arabesque is the third exhibition in Building Cycles, Storefront’s year-long curatorial program that examines building as both a place and a process. Focused on decoration and ornamentation, this exhibition questions existing and historical modes of practice by examining the notions of context and appropriation in our built environment. Arabesque follows the first two exhibitions in the cycle, Aquí­ vive gente and Ministry for All.

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