Art on the Ave NYC is Back ~ Next Stop: West Village in April, 2021




A Kevin Kinner mock up of potential West Village locations. Images courtesy Art on the Ave.

Art on the Ave was an idea conceived in 2020 by teachers struggling to find a way to discuss the trauma and tragedy of a year living in the middle of a Pandemic. They wanted an opportunity to provide a platform for their students to have a meaningful discussion about what was going on all around them. Asking artists to express this in a creative way, and showing the work in an outdoor environment, socially distancing, seemed like a great way to benefit not only their students and the artists, but also provided a nice artistic adventure the the local community.

Working with local property owners and businesses on the Upper West Side, Art on the Ave filled empty windows with works created by local artists ~ giving all proceeds to the artists, who had also been severely hurt by the Pandemic. That first edition was so well-received, Art on the Ave was encouraged to create a second edition. The theme for the next edition, Awakening ~ the location ~ the West Village.

Join a special panel of Art on the Ave creators and artists, and Village Preservation’s Director of Research, to hear about the project, the art, and the history of the buildings in which the art is displayed in the West Village on Thursday, May 13th at 6:00pm! Co-hosted by Village Alliance.

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