Exploring Capucine Bourcart’s ‘Dream Series’ during this time of COVID




On a recent studio visit with Connie Lee (pictured left), Curator/Director of Living with Art Salon and the President of Marcus Garvey Park Alliance and the Public Art Initiative to view The Dream Series by artist (pictured right) Capucine Bourcart

Have you been dreaming more frequently over this past few months? Intense, life like, scary dreams? Whimsical or wonderful dreams? According to several studies, COVID-19, and its affect on our life in general, has increased the trend.

This past June, I visited the Living with Art Salon, who had a most unusual piece in a small side-room, entitled ‘Big Dream‘ by artist Capucine Bourcart. This large-format artwork, hung from the ceiling, gracing the floor. It held a dream in a code known only to the artist, and it was printed ~ line by line ~ with sand collected from all over the world. Oh yes, we wanted to see more. Below is a visit to the artists’ studio to see her entire collection of the Dream Series.

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Living with Art Salon Reopens with Pattern Migration




View from the front room – Living with Art ‘Pattern Migration’

Living with Art, the uptown salon-style gallery, re-opened with the installation Pattern Migration ~ works by artists Capucine Bourcart and Beatrice Lebreton.

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Capucine Bourcart: Eat Me! on view in East Harlem




EATME! along 120th Street & Park Avenue, while the Metro North wizzes by

In a city filled with fast-food options on every corner, bags of chips and cans of soda filling the shelves in local deli’s and bodega’s, and large, glossy ads of sugared drinks on billboards and in shop windows, it’s not easy promoting healthy eating to our kids. Or is it. In the installation EAT ME!┬áthe artist, Capucine Bourcart takes a deep-dive into the ease of turning this around in her community, Harlem.

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