Harlem’s 186 Lenox Avenue ~ its Slow Path to Demolition




186 Lenox Ave taken in 1940 as part of WPA Program ~ Streetview 119th/120th Street on Lenox Avenue, east side of the street.

Over the years, Harlemites watched the streetscapes on either side of Lenox Avenue between 119th and 120th Streets, with the hope that the owners had a view toward lovingly restoring these treasured buildings.

Built in the early 1900s, the buildings on the west side of the street attracted businesses, owners of townhomes and renters ~ all contributing to the renovation and preservation of the buildings.

However many of the buildings along that same strip, on the east side of the street, were not maintained, eventually vacated and boarded up. This month, neighbors watched as 186 Lenox Avenue was demolished.

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