‘Present in the Modern World’ to Open at Art Lives Here




Artist, Ingrid Capozzoli Flinn. Image courtesy of the Artist and Connie Lee, Art Lives Here, Inc. in the exhibition ‘Living in the Modern World’

The three women artists featured in Present in the Modern World, Ingrid Capozzoli Flinn, Alison Causer, and Donnelly Marks share a modern sensibility in their art practices. Their works reference periods in time from Byzantine to the present.

Installation view, ‘Living in the Modern World’. On the mantle, sculpture artist, Donnelly Marks, figures, below, interpreting the nude figure by artist, Ingrid Capozzoli Flinn.. Exhibition ‘Living in the Modern World’ at Art Lives Here.

They collectively have blurred the lines between traditional, modern, and contemporary. Causer and Capozzoli Flinn’s brush strokes take classic oil paintings into the present and exhibited alongside Marks’ sculptures that reference brutalist structures create an exhibition that is timeless but of the modern world.

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