Broadway Mall Association Unveils ‘Broadway Blooms: Jon Isherwood on Broadway’




Bloom 1 “the Earth Laughs”, 2020/21; L: Rosa Portogallo marble, 35 x 74 x 37 inches. R: Breccia Viola marble, 31 x 55 x 29 inches. On loan from the Francis J. Greenburger Collection, New York Broadway at 64th Street (Dante Park). Image courtesy The Broadway Mall Association

We just love the Broadway Mall Association public art installations, and have been waiting to see what would come next after Nicolas Holiber: Birds on Broadway.’

Broadway Blooms: Jon Isherwood on Broadway, a sculpture exhibition located at eight locations between 64th Street and 157th Street is now on view. The sculptures are shaped in the form of flowers, celebrating the return to life from a long and difficult winter into spring.

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