The Rubin Museum’s Much Anticipated Mandala Lab to Open October 1st




Renderings: © Peterson Rich Office / The Rubin Museum of Art

This much anticipated gallery, encompassing the entire third floor of The Rubin Museum of Art, has finally been completed, and ready for its opening in September. This is almost one-year after closing that space, which once housed the permanent collection exhibition ‘Masterworks of Himalayan Art.’

The Rubin Museum of Art announced today that the newly finished third-floor, renamed the Mandala Lab,  is the Museum’s new interactive space for social, emotional, and ethical learning, and will open to the public on October 1, 2021, with a free admission during opening weekend, October 1-3. The remodeled third floor is designed by Brooklyn-based architecture and design firm Peterson Rich Office (PRO). The Mandala Lab invites visitors to participate in five thought-provoking and playful experiences, featuring videos accompanied by scents, a site-specific commissioned sculpture that invites collective breathing, and curated percussion instruments dipped in water.

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