MulchFest 2021 Begins on December 26, 2020




MulchFest2020. Image credit: NYC Park

The holidays are here, and with it the return of NYC Parks’ annual Mulchfest tree chipping celebration! Beginning December 26, New Yorkers can recycle their trees at local parks, with convenient drop-off sites in all five boroughs.

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Dates Announced by NYC Parks for MulchFest 2020




NYC Parks today announced changes to its annual Mulchfest. During the 2020 recycling program, New Yorkers will now have two consecutive Saturdays when they can actively mulch their holiday trees—Saturday, January 4 and 11. This new schedule makes it easier than ever for all to say goodbye to their trees in an ecofriendly way, and take a bag of nutrient rich mulch home in the process. Mulchfest, part of the New York City’s holiday tradition, encourages New Yorkers to make greening a family activity—turning holiday trees into mulch which can be used for gardening and to increase soil fertility.

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