‘Naritaka Satoh: Reveal’ to Open at GR gallery in November




Naritaka Satoh courtesy GR gallery

GR gallery will open its doors to “Reveal”,  Naritaka Satoh first solo exhibition in the U.S. and with the gallery. Spreading around the whole gallery space, the show will present fourteen artworks executed with the artist signature technique combining acrylic and pencil on wood panel. Appositely conceived for the event, this new body of works expands Satoh’s visual vocabulary with enhanced subjects, colors and expressions and deepen his discourse on the introspection and duality of the human psyche and the complexity of the hidden symbolism.  His highly unique style juxtaposes hyper realistic, perfectly balanced and controlled, black and white details, with howling and instinctive, abstract-expressionist like, thick acrylic brushstrokes.

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