Art Lives Here, Inc. Presents ‘Layers of Identity’ at El Barrio Artspace




Pauline Galiana, New BLOOMS-13.Nest, 2023. Image courtesy of the artist and Art Lives Here, Inc.

Layers of Identity celebrates the idea that human beings are layered, the complexity of our personalities, and individual histories is what makes us interesting. The exhibition explores the layers of societal structures and personal experiences that form how we see ourselves. Where we are from and where we have been often influences how we express ideas, as it does with all three well-travelled artists. Pauline Galiana, Hollie Heller and Joanne Steinhardt create in layers of materials, although informed by traditional techniques the contemporary aesthetic is unexpected. The viewer is likely to be unsure of what they are looking at. Is it a tapestry or is it a collage? Is it a woven textile or a paper assemblage? Is it fashion or adaptive reuse?

El Barrio’s Artspace PS 109 is an example of how old buildings can be restored and adaptively reused in New York City. The lower-level gallery incorporates original details, skylights, brick, and stone into a contemporary exhibition space alongside a theater, and rehearsal space. Art Lives Here is thrilled to be taking up temporary residence here.  

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