The 23rd Annual River to River Festival, June 7 ~ 23




Party as Participation hosted by Elisabeth Smolarz. Credit: Ice Cream Window at Karlssonwilker’s studio, photo via Image Description: Two pictures are in this image. The image on the left shows a crowd of people outside a drive-through window – a person is inside the window taking orders. The image on the right shows 5 people waiting outside a store.

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) is pleased to announce the 23rd annual River To River Festival, taking place June 7 – 23, 2024. Celebrating local artists and honoring creative diversity across disciplines, The River To River Festival is Downtown New York City’s leading free summer arts festival. This year’s River To River Festival aligns with LMCC’s 50th-anniversary celebrations. In honor of this milestone, the 2024 festival features LMCC residency and grants alumni from the Extended Life program working across disciplines, with a captivating array of dance, music, video, installation, and exhibitions that reflects the interdisciplinary, diverse ethos of LMCC. Featuring 13 projects of live art, performances and participatory events (including seven premieres) in public spaces throughout Downtown New York, the 2024 River To River Festival explores themes of resonance, reconsideration and resistance.

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