‘Scooter LaForge: Sculpture’ to Open at Theodore in TriBeca!




Scooter LaForge, Birdie, 2022; 13 x 6 inches. Images courtesy of the artist and Theodore, New York.

Theodore is pleased to present (and we are excited to see) an exhibition of sculpture by Scooter LaForge opening on May 6th, with Opening Reception from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

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Scooter LaForge at Howl! Happening




Scooter Laforge: Homo Eruptus via Howl! Happening

Howl! Happening opens its doors to Homo Eruptus, a new body of work by Scooter LaForge, including large, mural-size paintings ‘that mine the artist’s fertile inner emotional realm.’

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