‘Suanjaya Kencut: Social Circle’ to Open at GR Gallery




Artist Suanjaya Kencut. Image courtesy GR Gallery

GR gallery is pleased to announce ‘Social Circle’, the first solo exhibition of Suanjaya Kencut with the gallery and in New York. The show will feature a total of 19 artworks revealing a new suite titled ‘Connection Series’, among this, a special recognition is merited by five shaped canvases that challenged the artist with a new media and opens up innumerable future possibilities. Suanjaya aims to turn viewers focal points to the representation of human beings as dolls, which comes from the desire of recognizing all life forms as sacred and re-state how people are social creatures who thrive from cultivation of support systems like friends and family. Through the emptiness filled pandemic, Kencut felt disconnected and wanted to add hope, positivity, and optimism to his compositions with brilliant colors and figural views. These inanimate puppets show a fragmented scenes of human life that contains a consideration on the current situation in the hope that people can reflect on themselves through his artworks.

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