Tanino Liberatore: Poetry Interrupted! at Philippe Labaune Gallery in October




Images (L-R) Tanino Liberatore, Les Fleurs Du Mal, Les Phares, 2015; Charcoal on paper, 45.28 x 55.12 inches ~ Tanino Liberatore, Ranx Regeneration, 2017; Acrylic on canvas, 32.28 x 22.44 inches. Images courtesy of the Gallery

Philippe Labaune Gallery will open its doors to Poetry Iinterrupted! ~ an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Italian artist Tanino Liberatore. On view will be paintings the artist created highlighting his infamous 1980s Italian comic series’ protagonist, Ranxerox, a hyper-masculine cyborg anti-hero that shook the world of comics with themes of sex, drugs, anarchy, and violence. Accompanying Liberatore’s paintings will be a selection of works created by international artists paying homage to the iconic comic books series. Artists include Paul Pope, Jonathan Barravechia, Victor Kalvachev, Oliver Valtine, among others. Also on view will be a selection of eleven large-scale drawings Liberatore made in response to Les Fleurs du Mal (The Flowers of Evil), a collection of poems written by 19th century French poet, Charles Baudelaire. Poetry Interrupted! will be on view October 7 ~ November 13, 2021, with an opening reception on Thursday, October 7th from 11am to 9pm.

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