‘Suchitra Mattei: We Are Nomads, We Are Dreamers’ at Socrates Sculpture Park




Suchitra Mattei with artwork for the exhibition ‘We are nomads, we are dreamers’. Image by Anna Maria Zunino Noellert. Courtesy of Socrates Sculpture Park

Socrates Sculpture Park, established in 1986 in Queens as a collaborative effort between artists and community members, is thrilled to announce the artists participating in its 2024 season. This year the platform for artists at Socrates has been reimagined by Kaitlin Garcia-Maestas, Director of Exhibitions and Curator, to challenge traditional notions of public art. Themes of migration, mapping, ecology, identity, and materiality—including textiles and plants—are all present in the work on view along the East River waterfront Park this year.

The 2024 summer exhibition is an immersive installation by internationally acclaimed, Indo-Guayanese and LA-based artist Suchitra Mattai. Drawing upon themes of identity, migration, and memory, the exhibition Suchitra Mattai: We are nomads, we are dreamers invites viewers to explore the intersections of cultural and personal histories through sculptured textiles, most notably heirloom, vintage saris. Her thought-provoking installations will transform the landscape of Socrates Sculpture Park, offering visitors a profound and immersive artistic experience coupled with dance performances. The exhibition is on view Saturday, May 11 – Sunday, August 25, 2024.

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Basil Kincaid: River, Frog and Crescent Moon to Open at Venus Over Manhattan




Basil Kincaid, Praise around the Seed, 2022. Em- broidery and hand-woven cotton fiber on canvas; 67 x 88 in (170.2 x 223.5 cm). Courtesy the artist and Venus Over Manhattan, New York.

Celebrating improvisation, freedom of imagination, and a continuous process of self-discovery through making, St. Louis, and Accra-based Basil Kincaid is a post-disciplinary artist known for textile compositions that mine what he calls a “spiritual inheritance.” On September 7, 2022, Venus Over Manhattan will present River, Frog and Crescent Moon, the artist’s first New York solo exhibition, featuring a series of recent quilted, embroidered, and sculpted works. Kincaid’s pieces are often made from “emotionally charged materials,” including the cast-off clothes of loved ones, and involve a time-intensive collage technique that channels the inheritance of a multi-generational familial practice of quilting. The exhibition will be on view through October 8th at the gallery’s Upper East Side location.

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