Vanessa German: Trampoline at Fort Gansevoort




Vanessa German, Venus as an Around Away Girl, 2019, Mixed-media collage on New York Times magazine, 25 x 19.5 x 5 inches

Fort Gansevoort, in association with Pavel Zoubok Fine Art, is pleased to present Vanessa German, TRAMPOLINE: Resilience & Black Body & Soul, opening Thursday, November 7th, 2019. German’s exhibition will showcase her richly encrusted sculptures, which she refers to as power-figures, alongside a series of wall-mounted altars that each act as seers or protectors carrying with them the gift of their own human technology: joy, love, and protection for the souls of Black Americans. The work is made as an act of love in response to the daily injustices and violence committed against Black and Brown people, their bodies and their souls. Each figure confronts us with the questions, “how do we survive? How do we, as hybrid-people, keep breathing? How then do we surpass mere existence into creative champions, future makers, lovers even?”

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