‘Zhang Zipiao: Swallow Whole’ on View at LGDR




Zhang Zipiao, Mother of Pearl, 04, 2022. Image courtesy LGDR. Photos by Elisabeth Bernstein courtesy of LGDR

Zhang Zipiao’s lush, monumental, and painted abstractions envelope the viewer. Her debut solo exhibition with LGDR, Swallow Whole, opens on June 8, 2023, at 3 East 89th Street in New York. It features new canvases in oil that oscillate between figuration and abstraction, triggering our tendency to interpret abstractions as recognizable symbols and objects—a heart, seashell, chestnut, and rosebud—as suggested in her titles. Zhang creates imagery through intricate layers and sweeping brushstrokes. Her rich palette and the physicality of her application form the foundation of psychologically charged compositions.

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