#TatsCru on The Bowery Wall




#TatsCru highlights New York with a pictorial history

The well-known street artists known as #TatsCru just finished a colorful ode to New York, its street art and Lower East Side history, remembering the man who created the canvas we know today as the Bowery Wall, Tony Goldman, and Keith Haring, the first to create on the wall (1982). Let’s take a closer look.

#TatsCru ~ The Bowery Wall

On their website, TatsCru takes it from concept sketch to completion, during one of the coldest weeks so far this winter.

#TatsCru on Bowery Wall

Above image taken from the center isle on Houston Street, getting a good overview from Keith Haring on the left to Liz Christy on the right ~ and up top, TatsCru and King of Murals.

tatscru ~ a closeup


tatscru ~ a closeup

A closeup (above) of the infamous fonts and styles.

tats cru


tatscru paying homage to Keith Haring and Tony Goldman, who was the founder of Wynwood and the Bowery Wall.

On the left side of the mural, a beautiful and thoughtful lower section, done in black and white, a look-back referencing Keith Haring,  Kenny Scharf and others. Tributes to such iconic figures as Daze and Crash, and below ~ a tribute to the activist Liz Christy who began work on the First Community Garden in the early 1970s.

#TatsCru pays homage to the Liz Christy Garden (across the street)

Bio, Nicer and BG183 (#TatsCru) can be found all over this City, in large group murals like Coney Walls and The Graffiti Hall of Fame on 106th Street, and in smaller, commissioned murals like a mural in a school yard for #EducationIsNotACrime.  Follow on Twitter and Instagram.


Goldman Properties, curated by Jessica Goldman Srebnick continues the promotion and exhibition of murals at The Wynwood Walls in Miami and Houston Bowery Wall here in New York.

Recently on The Bowery Wall.

The Bowery Wall is located on the corner of Bowery and Houston Street on the Lower East Side.

More great pic’s of #TatsCru creating on The Bowery Wall at Brooklyn Street Art.

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