‘Tender Comes After Swimming’ to be Inaugural Exhibition at Little Lightning Gallery in Williamsburg





Shinsuke Aso, ‘Result of Fully Enjoying Make Something’ 2023/Collage, acrylic on paper/11 x 14 ” Orientations variable. Image courtesy of the artist and little lightning gallery.

Little lightning gallery is pleased to present its inaugural exhibition “Tender comes after swimming,” a group show of four artists based in New York, curated by Hiroshi Shafer. Opening June 14th.

When you swim, you isolate yourself from the world above the water’s surface. Light distorts, sound rumbles, and you feel less gravity. Those senses stay with you till you get home or lie in bed afterwards, and after a few hours, you start feeling tender.

For these artists, moments of distance from the world – like time swimming – provide a feeling that they can take to their studios, using it to more keenly hone their visions. At first sight, their works may appear earnest or humorous; but to experience their visions more thoroughly, one needs to either think deeply, or just take it in viscerally.

Meet the Artists

Hiroshi Shafer meticulously constructs works that resemble mundane useful objects, like spoons and forks, but with twists of humor and whimsy that transform them from practical to sculptural.


Hiroshi Shafer, ‘Barbarella’ 2024/Resin, glass beads, fish wire, aluminum, concrete/16 x 3 x 3″. Photo courtesy of the artist and little lightning gallery.


Shinsuke Aso transforms everyday materials and imagery into rotatable collages and postcards that challenge the viewer to continually create new and personal ways of looking, reading or utilizing them.

Shinsuke Aso, ‘Non-game Game” 2023/Collage acrylic, pen on paper/18 x 24″ Orientations variable. Image courtesy of the artist and little lightning gallery.
Great Boxers uses both the fluidity and volatility of his brushstrokes to capture boxers in moments of stillness that ambiguously imply a series of dialectics such as readiness and aftermath, combat and retreat, triumph and defeat, life and death.


Great Boxer, ‘Untitle’ 2024/Color paper, watercolor on paper/16 x 20. Image courtesy of the artist and little lightning gallery.

Johnny D. Germano soulfully creates instinctive paintings rooted in abstraction, using rhythmic and gestural mark making that can explode with raw energy or delicately unfold through introspection.


Johnny D. Germano, ‘Little Johnny Series ~ Could Have Been Jesus II’ 2024/Watercolor, color pencil/9 x 12. Image courtesy of the artist and little lightning gallery.

Tender Comes After Swimming will be on view from June 14 through June 30, 2024 at Little Lightning Gallery, 104 Meserole Street, Brooklyn, NY. An Opening Reception will be held on June 14th from 6-10pm. Gallery hours: Friday, 3-7pm; Saturday and Sunday, 1-7pm; Monday ~ Thursday, by appointment.

Nava Dunkelman will perform at the opening on June 14th at 8pm

IV Castellanos will perform on June 21st at 7pm

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