The Art Students League + ChaShaMa presents ‘Searchlight’ at One Brooklyn Bridge Park




Web Banner Option B Miho Hiranouchi, Being., 2021 Watercolor, charcoal, pastel, oil ink, 22 x 48 in.  Image courtesy of the artist

 The Art Students League’s Exhibition Outreach program presents its first student exhibition of 2022, in partnership with ChaShaMa and featuring 25 artists exploring themes of mystery, magic, and light. Titled Searchlight, the exhibition is organized by guest Curator Samuel Rowlett, a League alumnus, and is on view at One Brooklyn Bridge Park January 6–March 10, 2022. The exhibition plays in a range of shadowed depths and colorful surfaces, taking viewers from the small, quiet space of a computer screen to the vast landscape of an entire world. A glowing thread weaves its way through each work on view; it runs through a cloud-covered sun in winter and chases a pair of friends ambling through a forest. Light, and the ways in which it can be filtered and interpreted, appears before us in steel thorns, in driftwood textured with beeswax, and in rich abstractions. What is this guiding light in search of? Where will it take us?

Web Banner, Luis Romero, Ancestral Intelligence. Image courtesy of the artist.

Featured Artists: 

Elizabeth Hasegawa Agresta; Susana Aldanondo;  Dianne Athey;  Tamera Bedford;  Aiko Cascio;  Laura Winn Clark;  Katia Gerasimov;  Yolande Heijnen;  Miho Hiranouchi;  Ruth Hurd;  Willie Jimenez;  Anna Kraske;  Clarita Liepolt;  Boris Lyubner;  Ava Mcnamee;  Susan Markowitz Meredith;  Margaret Montgomery;  Luis Romero;  Toussaint Rosefort;  Esther Schwalb;  Maren Smay;  Bonnie Steinsnyder;  Patricia Talbot;  Paul Vogel;  Lin Yang 

Poster Option, Tamera Bedford,, Follow Me. Image courtesy of the artist.

‘Searchlight‘, guest curated by Samuel Rowlett, will be on view from January 6 to March 10, 2022 at One Brooklyn Bridge Park, 360 Furman Street, Brooklyn (Waterfront side between Piers 5 and 6) Wednesday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm and on Sunday from Noon to 4pm.