The East Harlem Giglio Society Prepares to Celebrate The Feast of the Giglio 2022




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The Giglio Society of East Harlem will hold its annual event from Thursday, August 4th through Sunday, August 7th. Established in East Harlem in 1908 by Italian immigrants from the town of Brusciano, Italy, this is a tradition that has been carried out in what use to be known as Italian Harlem.


The first East Harlem Giglio took place on East 106th Street, and grew to become one of the largest street fairs in America. In 1957, the festival moved a few blocks north to 108th Street to accommodate the growth, and remained there until 1971, when it moved to the Bronx, returning home to East Harlem in 2000,

Now located on Pleasant Avenue between 114th Street and 116th Street, the annual festival is held on the second weekend of August. Each year, participants create a new Giglio from scratch, using the specifications of the Maestro di Festa (or Master of Ceremonies), with special attention to the Papier-mâché face, traditionally adorned with saints and colorful flowers.

East Harlem Giglio Feast, 2013 in Mt Carmel Church.

Never been? All the Giglio rituals are explained out on the East Harlem Giglio website, including ~ Who will be this year’s #1 Capo? Who builds the Giglio each year? What songs are traditionally played? Who will be carrying the Giglio? Where is the parade?

And who will be carrying The Giglio is important, since the 82-foot-high Giglio and can weigh 3 tons ~ not counting the band and instruments. So, it takes between 80-100 people.

East Harlem Giglio, 2013

Saturday, July 30th at 8:00am, The Dressing of the Giglio and annual East Harlem Giglio B.B.Q.

The Feast Schedule begins on Thursday, August 4th with Opening Night beginning at 6:00pm with entertainment by Louis & Joann and the Uptown Band.

Friday, August 5th at 7:00pm ~ Freestyle Friday for a Cure Concert with Freestyle Legends Rockell, Soave & Fascination. DJ Lou Toro and MC John Luciano playing Freestyle and Disco!

Saturday, August 6th, The Sant’ Antonio Procession begins at Noon and at 7:00pm, Dancing the Children’s Giglio. Beginning at 8:00pm, Biagio will be singing all the Italian favorites.

The Giglio Lift will take place on Sunday, August 7th, with the First Lift at 1:30pm at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine Church, 456 East 116th Street, East Harlem.

Pleasant Avenue at 115th Street where The Feast is celebrated

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The Annual Feast of The Giglio is presented by Giglio Society of East Harlem of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Shrine Church, and held on Pleasant Avenue between 114th-116th Streets in East Harlem.

We found a wonderful website with much more on this important Italian East Harlem tradition.

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