The Ginjan Cafe’ in the Historic Harlem Corn Exchange Building



Lunch at Ginjan Cafe’ in the historic Harlem Corn Exchange Building, East Harlem

In 2019, Mohammed and Ibrahima Diallo ~ also known as the Ginjan Brothers opened the popular Ginjan Cafe’ in the historic Corn Exchange Building in East Harlem. Opening early every day, they were the place to go for your morning coffee/cappuccino, pastries and Crepes. You may also know them from their popular cold-pressed West African juices (that, by the way, can now be found in all 145 Whole Food Stores in the North East).

GinJan Cafe’s doors closed in 2020 due to COVID-19, but the GinJan Brothers took this time-off from the Cafe’ to taste and test what will be unveiled next week ~ Lunch! We were luckily enough to help with the taste-testing, which ~ as you can see ~ is our featured image.

Come inside ~ Ginjan Cafe’

Let’s take a culinary tour, from left to right, we began with the Kale Salad (Shiitake mushrooms, shaved asparagus, fresh avocado, Quinoa and sunflower seeds with ginger sesame dressing); Fried Plantain Wrap with fresh avocado, tomatoes, micro-greens and humus; Chicken Yassa Wrap (Yassa is a Senegalese onion stew); and the Tuna Wrap, green Suya spice tuna. And the winner is……..

Lunch at Ginjan Cafe’ in the historic Harlem Corn Exchange Building

Each one ~ delicious. Ginjan Cafe’ will begin serving lunch the week of May 24th ~ ┬álocated at 81 East 125th Street, on the corner of Park Avenue in East Harlem.

While you’re there, check out Uptown Grandscale Mural Project, which will run from Fifth Avenue to Third Avenue on 125th Street. Check out East 125th Street, a work in progress.

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