The Jewish Museum will Displaying Temporary Mural by Artist Lawrence Weiner




Artist Lawrence Weiner Mural on the facade of The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum has been approved by NYC Landmarks to display a multi-story mural installed at the corner of Fifth Avenue and East 92nd Street with the neon-blue message, ‘All the Stars in the Sky have the Same Face‘. It was originally designed in 2011 by American conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner, with lettering in Hebrew, Arabic and English, and is on view November, 2020.

The mural’s positive message will cover a portion of the structure’s ornate French Renaissance facade for this temporary art installation, and receiving a nod from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission, who signed off on the installation, with modifications. The public hearing was held on May 12, 2020.

The Bronx-born artist, Lawrence Weiner (born 1942), is known for his minimalistic conceptual work which often takes the form of thought-provoking typographic texts.

Weiner is not new to installations at the Jewish Museum ~ Nor is this current concept. His large-scale drawing, No Tree No Branch, was on display in the Museum’s lobby in 2012. This piece was a re-work of an original Yiddish saying “All the Stars in the Sky Have the Same Face‘ in Hebrew, English and Arabic ~ and a perfect installation to bring back to the Museum during the times we live in now.

Image courtesy NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission

In the above video, Lawrence Weiner: Time Space Existence, Weiner explores the relationship between art, artist and viewer, showing many of his past installations including ‘No Tree No Branch’ at The Jewish Museum.

All the Stars in the Sky Have the Same Face’ will be on view from 90-120 days. The Jewish Museum is located at 1109 Fifth Avenue at 92nd Street in Carnegie Hill, NYC.

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  1. Cooper Shops are named after my in-laws, Harriet and Eli Cooper.

    1. Wow. Yes, indeed. Eli Cooper, a Museum Trustee, and his wife Harriet, were instrumental in the construction and furnishing of one of my favorite Museum shops ~ Cooper Shops at The Jewish Museum, which is named in their honor. Thank you for bringing this bit of history to our attention.

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