The Mural Project @ NYC’s World Trade Centers



Stickymonger in the window of 3WTC

We’ve been following the Downtown ‘Mural Project‘ in and around the 2WTC and 3WTC construction lots, now surrounded by a number of gorgeous new murals. With the Oculus in the background, the large-scale mural project takes viewers from Vesey and Greenwich Streets, down Church and Dey Streets to Cortlandt Street.

Let’s take a walk….

The above image, by @Stickymonger is one of the window murals in 3 World Trade Center, now under construction.

Ben Angotti @Angotti81 at 2WTC with Oculus in the background

Tourists and locals have been in selfie-heaven. In the image above, by artist Ben Angotti aka @angotti81, you will notice a dancer filming herself ~ hula hoop in hand, with the colorful mural behind her.

Close up ~ @angotti81

The artists chosen for this project will cover the front of the large steel sheds, and wide tarps, with their signature work, bringing to this solemn site a message for a hopeful future.


Next to Ben Angotti is Ian Ferguson aka @hydeon, above and below.

Closeup ~ HYDEON
2WTC StreetArt
From L-R, Stickymonger, LynneYun, JCBKNYC
JCBKNYC + LynneYun
Above mural, LYNNEyun

@lynneyun above and @jcbknyc below.

John Carr aka @jcbknyc

Above and below, @riiisaBoogie

ChinonMaria & Sebastian Mitre on top and Brolga large mural below, on Vesey Street
@Hektad’s “Love is Love’ mural at 2WTC

Below, a 100-foot mural outside Oculus World Trade Center by @frank_ape and ChrisRWK

Everyone’s Different… @frank_ape



Pow! by Todd Gray across from the Oculus, on the corner of Greenwich Street
Artist Todd Gray

‘I Choose Love’ by @hektad located near the Oculus 

@iansullivan_draws near 3WTC

RiiisaBoogie near 3WTC

New artwork, above and below,  going up on the 3WTC building

From Church Street & Dey Street to Cortlandt Street, artwork below…..

Moving down Church Street

Church Street

Church Street

Church Street, ending at Cortlandt Street, below.

To Cortlandt

Moving on…..

And as the artists have celebrated our City with their murals, there is a wall along a walkway next to 18 Church Street, that celebrates the artists who created what Larry Silverstein calls “A Masterpiece in the Sky” at 4 World Trade Center’s 69th Floor, a project curated by World Trade Gallery’s owner, Doug Smith.

Entrance to the walkway, celebrating the street artists who came together for the Graffiti in the Sky project at 4WTC’s 69th floor
Meet the artists of “Masterpiece in the Sky”

The Mural Project collaboration between Silverstein Properties, World Trade Gallery, and the artists is still in progress, and will be on view for approximately one year.