The NY Phil Bandwagon ~ Coming Back in Spring 2021!




Are you missing the New York Philharmonic? Keep your eyes (and ears) open, because they may roll by a neighborhood near you, aboard the NY Phil Bandwagon for a pull-up concert.

NY Phil Bandwagon image from video

The outdoor performances by members of the Orchestra (and guest artists) will be popping up in all five boroughs, featuring an assortment of music, including some new commissions. These pop-up surprise locations offer New Yorkers a front row seat. No advance notice on where they might be next.

This is a creative way to connect with audiences around New York City, and the New York Philharmonic would like to hear what you think of this, and Connect With Them, to tell them where you would like to see them next.

Well, New Yorkers told the New York Philharmonic what they want to see next, and the Bandwagon will be back this spring, 2021!

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