The ‘Rainbow Group Show’ will Open at Kate Oh Gallery




Artist, Lori LaMont ‘Delectable Yeast Breads’ 40 x 60 inches, watercolor on paper. Image courtesy of the gallery.

In his curator’s statement, Pema Rinzin begins by speaking about why he chose ‘The Rainbow‘ as the subject for this show. Addressing the difficult times we live in, he asked each artist to choose their own vision of rainbow colors as an expression of their joy. “Just as the rainbow unifies many joyous colors, this group show brings together a color full celebration.”

In Tibetan culture the rainbow expresses Enlightened Beings (Buddhas, Gurus and Teachers). Also, as in many other cultures, it is auspicious, a sign of luck and rebirth. Cultures around the world have found similar meaning in the incredible reflection of sunlight shining through the moist atmosphere after a rainfall.”….. Pema Rinzin

Artist Lori LaMont, ‘La Premiere’, watercolor on paper, 51 x 72. inches.  Image courtesy of the gallery

This is The Seventh group show I have curated in New York City since I arrived in 2005.  As part of the Tibetan diaspora I have used my position as a curator to provide opportunities to other Tibetan and artists of all nationalities so that they can become more integrated into the American art world and to give Americans a deeper appreciation of contemporary Tibetan artists.”

“I want to thank every artist for their participation in this exhibition, especially those participating from France, Canada, Mexico, Japan and around the USA. This is a very special group show and I wish you all success and an enlightened time together. Thank you, Kate Oh Gallery, for opening your doors to this show.”….Pema Rinzin

Artist Kate Oh, ‘Light’, mixed-media on mulberry paper wrapped on wooden panel, 30 x 40 inches. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Participating artists include Pema Rinzin; Deirdre Swords; Lori LaMont; Evie Zimmer; Irina Rodnikoff; Kate Oh; Sharon Stokes; Kenji Hirata; Katy Fischer; David Ellis, and Laetitia Guyon.

‘Rainbow Group Show’ will be on view from March 13 through March 30, 2022, with Opening Reception and Performance on Tuesday, March 15th from 6-9pm, in collaboration with Encounters Dance Group. Kate Oh Gallery is located at 31 East 72nd Street, NYC.