#TheWorldLetter ~ Add Your Thoughts in Washington Square Park



#TheWorldLetter Project originally started as a one-time street installation in May of 2017 as a Love Letter to the World.  But then something interesting happened.  The World began to write a Love Letter to the World.  And so it continues on most days in Washington Square Park, weather permitting.

We caught up with the creator of #TheWorldLetter, artist Cocovan on a recent sunny day, where she was surrounded by tourists and locals, NYU students and retiree’s ~ all of them had something to say by way of drawings, symbols, a few words, and real letters.

The artist, Cocovan

So far, the love letter has hit the streets of Paris, New York, Montréal, Miami and 89 other Countries. #TheWorldLetter has collected more than 7,012 ‘letters’ and has grown to more than 400 feet.  In the end, #TheWorldLetter will be digitized, exhibited, and read in organized reading sessions. Your words count.

You will find #TheWorldLetter on the park side of the arch at Washington Square Park, Fifth Avenue entrance.  Follow #TheWorldLetter on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The performance artist, Cocovan

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