Tin & Ed’s ‘Life Forces’ Brighten Rockefeller Center




Tin & Ed’s “Life Force” at Rock Center. Image via Instagram

Rockefeller Center has teamed up with Australian creative duo Tin & Ed, Tin Nguyen and Edward Cutting, to present a new interactive digital art installation that provides a portal to nature, taking audiences on a vivid journey through the natural world.

Tin & Ed courtesy Rockefeller Center online

The exhibit, which uses emerging technologies including 3D scanning and human body tracking, will be on view on South Plaza (located on 48thStreet between 5th and 6th Avenues) from April 26–June 30,2021.

Tin & Ed’s “Life Force” at Rock Center. Image via Instagram

The immersive dioramas will be displayed on three giant screens filled with vibrant three-dimensional digital lifeforms that come together to create life-like habitats. Real-time human body tracking technology will allow viewers to affect these interactive environments through their movement in front of the screens.

Image courtesy Rockefeller Plaza online

Included among the colorful and dynamic scenes and subjects are the journey of pollen and spores, rock formations, blooming flowers, and mushrooms. The experience will reinforce that humans are part of the natural world, not separate from it.

Tin & Ed’s “Life Force” at Rock Center. Image via Instagram

Tin & Ed are current members of NEW INC, the art and technology incubator run by the New Museum.

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