4 Trump Baby Balloons Crossing the Pond




Image via Fund To Bring Baby Trump to America GoFundMe page

On July 13, 2018 a GoFundMe page went online created by Didier Jimenez-Castro, who describes himself as an activist from Hillsborough, New Jersey.  Jimenez-Castro worked closely with Jim Girvan, the Chair of the Branchburg Democratic Party, and founder of the People’s Motorcade ~ a local grassroots group that holds protests on the road between Trump’s golf course and Bedminster’s Clarence Dillon Public Library, referred to as the “free speech zone” every Saturday in the spring and summer months.

Image via Baby Trump Tour Facebook page

The required $4,500 + was raised within twenty-two hours, allowing for a Trump Baby Balloon to cross the Pond, and be flown above the Trump Bedminister Golf Resort this August.

Trump Baby is the most recent in a series of creative ways artist’s have expressed opinions ~ like the Trump Sculpture placed briefly in Union Square, and the exhibition Peter Saul: Fake News at Mary Boone Gallery last year.

Trump Sculpture that appeared in Union Square ~ promptly removed by the Parks Dept (this is the family-friendly version)

Since Jimenez-Castro and Girvan GoFundMe effort was fully funded,  the GoFundMe page will come down soon.  However we can follow their future plans, which include quadruplets of Baby Trump! “We’ve gone from a single baby to expecting quadruplets,” organizer Jim Girvan told NJ Advance Media.  GoFundMe campaign raised nearly $24,000 allowing for 3 additional balloons, expected to tour the United States.

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