Upsilon Gallery Opens New Upper East Side Space with Inaugural Exhibition ‘Osvaldo Mariscotti: Kaleidoscope’




Osvaldo Mariscotti, Infinity, 2014, oil and enamel on wood.Image courtesy of the gallery.

Upsilon Gallery, a fine print publisher specializing in International postwar and contemporary art, will open their new flagship location on the Upper East Side at 23 East 67th Street on February 25th with its inaugural exhibition “Kaleidoscope” by artist Osvaldo Mariscotti.

Founded by Director Marcelo Zimmler in 2014, Upsilon Gallery has office locations in New York, Miami and London by appointment only, and has been regularly holding highly successful physical and online exhibitions throughout the years. At Upsilon, Zimmler and his team have an unwavering commitment to rediscovering a roster of accomplished artists that have been forgotten or overlooked within a historical scope.  Ever evolving, the gallery continues to embrace new technological advancements key to the goal of encouraging new forms of interpretation for the novice and seasoned collector, inviting them not only to learn about art, but to experience it through a new and dynamic lens.

Founder of Upsilon Gallery, Marcelo Zimmler

For their first brick and mortar location, Zimmler chose the Upper East Side. He wanted to create a contemporary space, providing a neutral stark white setting for the artwork on display and an approachable and friendly atmosphere for collectors and guests.

“Our vision for this new flagship gallery in the Upper East Side is to create an outstanding and unique home for our artists and our team, and a vibrant cultural destination in the heart of NYC,” said Marcelo Zimmler.

Artist, Osvaldo Mariscotti

In their first exhibition, Upsilon Gallery will present a comprehensive look at the oeuvre of mid-career Italian-American artist Osvaldo Mariscotti from February 25th – April 16th. The show will focus on the artist’s study of the symbol, both individually and as a group in the development of language. Select works to be showcased will include: Origins from 2020, oil on canvas (3 panels); Firenze from 2021, oil and enamel on canvas; Spar from 2021, bronze; Infinity from 2014, oil and enamel on wood; and Melody from 2016-2018, oil on canvas.

Osvaldo Mariscotti, Firenze , 2021, oil and enamel on canvas. Image courtesy of the gallery.

Mariscotti’s dedication to the interaction of form and color has led to a continued exploration of perception. He takes over the most basic elements of Suprematist art, the straight line and the square, a choice that reflects the emphasis he places on the shapes produced by man rather than those existing in nature. His works are very significant, made from the decomposition of figures such as the rectangle, which is then decomposed into its essential-colored lines on a black background. Mariscotti’s search puts him in the context of geometric conceptualism: that reality of thought that holds figuration as malaise and searches for synthesis, as a model to pursue. His art examines the “nonreality” and breaks it down into geometric shapes, to arrive at the development of a new code. He has exhibited his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in prestigious institutions around the world such as the MIIT Museum, Turin; the Malzfabrik, Berlin; the Chianciano Museum of Art, Chianciano Terme; the Galata Museum, Genoa; the Officina delle Zattere, Venice; the European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM), Barcelona; Canova Museum, Possagno; and the Museum of Contemporary Art Giuseppe Sciortino, Monreale. In 2015, Mariscotti first participated in the 56th Venice Biennale with his now iconic Book of Color I.

Osvaldo Mariscotti: Kaleidoscope, installation view, Upsilon Gallery.

Osvaldo Mariscotti: Kaleidoscope will be on view from February 25 to April 16, 2022 as the inaugural exhibition at Upsilon Gallery‘s new location, 23 East 67th Street, NYC.

The 2022 Spring Season will include exhibitions by Clyde Hopkins, Diet Sayler and Willard Boepple.