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Uptown Grand Scale

Uptown Grand Central has stepped out from under the viaduct to coordinate a colorful three-sided mural near Metro-North along 125th Street this summer. The project, which will begin on August 3rd, will transform 1,500 feet of green construction fencing on 125th Street/Park Avenue/124th Street, into a canvas.

A blank canvas along 125th Street at Park Avenue in advance of Uptown Grand Scale

We followed Carey King, Director, Uptown Grand Central, and Project Organizer, Ayana Hosten, a veteran from the #100GatesProject in East Harlem, as they walked us around their current work-in-progress, Uptown Grand Scale. The primary stage of the mural project was designed by Gera Lozano aka @geraluz, who brought in a crew of fellow artists to help her paint. The crew included WERC, Crow, Jill Folino and Kristy McCarthy.

#WERC #Isaiascrow #artofmano #Christine (#dgaleart and #geraluz august 3 2019

Following the project from the beginning August 3rd at about 11am, above ~ the artists begin their work on the corner of Park Avenue and 125th Street. From L-R including equally renowned artists assisting Gera and Kristy ~ Isaias Crow (visiting from San Diego) aka @isaiascrow ~ Jari Werc Alvarez aka @WERC ~ moving onto 125th Street, Jill Folino aka  @artofmano ~ Kristy McCarthy aka @dgaleart ~ and Gera Lozano aka @geraluz.

Blank canvas along Park Avenue between 124/125th Streets

…….and below, @WERC + @isaiascrow begin work on the Park Avenue side of the wall.

Along Park Avenue,(L-R) @isaiascrow and @WERC

Uptown Grand Central will hold three big, fun, summer events as part Uptown Grand Scale, beginning with this primary corner mural.

Park Avenue side of Uptown Grand Scale, a work-in-progress

In the above photo, the Park Avenue side of Uptown Grand Scale is a work-in-progress, with the historic Corn Exchange Bank Building in the background.

Park Avenue facing 125th Street and the historic Corn Exchange Bank Building

I stopped back at around 8:15pm and the team was just wrapping up. Even with the heat of the day and a constant stream of people stopping to chat, comment and admire, @geraluz et al finished their mural the same day!

Park Avenue Side
Park Avenue Side

Now that Gera has started the project off with a bang, Uptown Grand Central is issuing a call to local artists to transform the remaining three blocks of green construction fencing. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis, with painting to begin on Saturday, September 7th.

Park Avenue side with a view looking west over the empty lot owned by Durst Corporation.

50 artist will paint for 3 days and finish just in time for Uptown Grand Central’s third annual street festival, Party on Park!

August 3, 2019 along 125th Street, corner of Park Avenue from L-R, @geraluz, @dgaleart, @geraluz

Are you a local artist?   Here’s how to submit your portfolio.

Painting events will include a painting workshop and live music with a DJ on Saturday, September 7th, Saturday, September 14th, and Sunday, September 22nd.

Finally, later this year we can expect an addition to this project from DOTArt. Stay tuned.

Ayana Hosten and Kristy McCarthy

Support for this project is provided by sponsors including the Harlem Community Development Corporation, the Durst Organization, Potamkin Development, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer, NYC & Co. & Blick Art Materials.

Thank you.

Uptown Grand Scale, a work-in-progress

125th Street side

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Another shot of 125th Street side ~ Uptown Grand Scale

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Uptown Grand Scale from under the viaduct at 125th Street.
by @geraluz

Stay up-to-date with Uptown GrandScale right here.

Have you notice ~ East Harlem’s Metro North station is getting a facelift! 

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