Uptown Grand Central Unveils Blocks of Canvas Fencing ~ Continuing The Uptown Grandscale II Mural Project in East Harlem, 2021




Uptown Grandscale on East 125th Street ~ BLAZAYny

Uptown Grandscale Mural Project is back!  Uptown Grand Central has unveiled canvas fencing extending all the way to Third Avenue, kicking-off the opening of our City with color and fun. In this second edition of Uptown Grandscale, murals will be painted in May and June, with this part of the project completed by June 30, 2021.

Neighbors are invited to join in on a Community Mural on Saturday, June 5th. Artist Gera Lozano aka #geraluz has mapped out about 80-feet of fencing ~ follow her lead, add some color and have some fun! Register Here.

Uptown Grandscale! East 125th Street.

Uptown Grandscale 2019 brought 50 artists together to transform 1,500 feet of fencing across a three block area along 125th Street and adjacent streets along Park Avenue over three weekends that summer.

#BLAZAYNY @125 & Park Ave, East Harlem

#BLAZAYny, above and below, can be found on 125th Street, just east of Park Avenue. We found him finishing up his mural, part of Uptown Grandscale, on May 22, 2021. Follow him on Instagram.

#BLAZAYny. May 22, 2021

This year, Uptown Grand Central will once again bring mural artists together, with a canvas that will stretch from Fifth Avenue to Third Avenue, along 125th Street (the old Pathmark lot). Each panel is approximately four-feet wide by eight-feet tall. We look forward to tagging along and posting what we see.


Above, #Socialicon putting finishing touches on her mural, located on Park Avenue between 124/125th Streets. We noticed this mural yesterday, and almost got off the bus to get a closer look. Today we met the artist. Follow her on Instagram.

Uptown Grandscale by #socialicon

Below, artist, designer, diviner ~ teacher, alchemist, herbalist ~ #Jenevieve.

Uptown Grandscale ~ #Jenevieve713

Below, painter and graphic designer Jennifer Jimenez. Follow her on Instagram at #lust4life.

Uptown Grandscale on Park Avenue between 124/125th Streets painted by Lust4Life


Uptown Grandscale painted by QUA


Uptown Grandscale ~ Work in Progress on Park Avenue between 124/125th Streets


Uptown Grandscale by #nycm2

Follow  Marthalicia Matarrita aka nycm2 on Instagram and check out her cool video, creating the above mural.

Uptown Grandscale #WIZDOM

On the street today, #WIZDOM above & below.


The Let’s Paint! Community Mural and more on Saturday, June 5, 2021 ~ below

Uptown Grand Scale, a community mural on 125 between Lexington & Third on June 5th!

Wow ~ it’s more than 90 degrees out there today, but friends & neighbors, along with local artists ~ cans & brushes in hand ~ were painting! Above and below, East 125th Street, corner of 125th Street and Lexington Avenue, looking east.

East 125th Street on June 5th with Uptown Grand Scale & the Let’s Paint Community Mural

The wooden canvas is one-square-city-block, now an empty lot where Pathmark once stood.

No matter the heat of the day, these friends were bringing lots of color to East 125th Street


Moving down to the middle of the block, 125th Street between Lexington and Third Avenues, with the Uptown Grand Central tent in the background

Moving further east, we walked to Third Avenue, turning south ~ we found Geo “Bowz” Rodriguez aka @geobany (below) half-way through a beautiful and very thoughtful mural.

@geobany for Uptown Grand Scale, june 5 2021, Third Avenue between 124/125.

Getting a closer look (below) @geobany. We’ll go back next week to update this.

@geobany on 124 bet 3rd & lex

Rounding the corner on 124th Street (between Third Avenue & Lexington) we found one of our favorite street artists, @AdamBombNYC, who you will remember from #100GatesProject East Harlem, 2017-18, and an old favorite on the El Barrio Guerrilla Wall on 116th Street.

@adambombnyc, June 5, 2021 for Uptown Grand Scale

Just beginning her panel, we were thankful to catch Sandy Perez chalking out her initial sketch. She shared what it will be ~ and we’re looking forward to going back early next week to catch her progress.

Sandy Perez aka artbysandyperez for Uptown Grand Scale

Further down the block on 124, we found @jec_star + @One7One , graffiti pioneers from the 1970s Miami/NYC (below).

Graffiti Piioneers jec_star + One7One on 124th Street between Third & Lexington Ave.

Continuing on 124th Street, we found Mark A. West aka  @HouseOfMarkWest between Park and Madison Avenues (below).

The artist, Mark A. West

Back up to 125, we found Mark Muster aka @markmusters1 working on five panels between Madison and Park Avenues (below).

Mark Musters

and taking a closer look…..

Mark Muster on 125, June 5, 2021 for Uptown Grand Scale.

Continuing east, we crossed Park Avenue and caught up with LostCreedCulture.

LostBreedCulture on 125, just east of Park Avenue.

@lostbreedculture, above and below, on Instagram.

@LostBreedCulture on the corner of Park Ave & 125 for Uptown Grand Scale

Just a few panels east we found Evan Bishop, who collaborated on the BLAZAYNY panel ~ working on his own panel, below. Find Evan Bishop Art on Instagram.


This will be a fun summer, filled with art stretching from Madison Avenue to Third Avenue, between 124th and 125th Streets.

Uptown Grand Scale

Follow Uptown Grand Central‘s Grandscale Mural Project. Check out #100GatesEastHarlem and #100GatesEastHarlem Behind the Scenes.

While you’re there, stop into Ginjan Cafe’ in the historic Harlem Corn Exchange Building, serving lunch as of May 24th.

Subway now open at Lexington Avenue and 125th Street. The Smile in the background.

East 125th Street, a work in progress.

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