‘War/Art Balance’ ~ a Panel Speaks on Complexities Surrounding History of Ukrainian, Russian, and Soviet Avant-Garde Movements at The Cooper Union





The Cooper Union will bring together a range of voices to speak on the complexities surrounding the histories of the Ukrainian, Russian, and Soviet avant-garde movements in a panel discussion entitled “War/Art Balance: Deimperializing the Soviet Avant-Garde at the Time of Russia’s War on Ukraine, Its Culture, and People”. The panel discussion will take place on April 27th from 6:30 ~ 8pm.

The discussion will challenge and expand the prevailing colonialist lens through which these movements are often viewed and explore the socio-political context in which the movements were born, shaped, and ultimately suppressed. The panel will delve into the ways that history and culture can be instrumentalized, particularly in light of the Russian invasion and ongoing war in Ukraine.

Panel Participants include:

Tetyana Filevska is a specialist in the field of contemporary art, a cultural activist, and the founder and curator of several art projects. Filevska has previously worked at the EIDOS Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art, the Center for Contemporary Art Foundation, Izolyatsia: Platform for Cultural Initiatives, and in the Mystetskyi arsenal team on the educational and public program of the first Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art, ARSENALE 2012. She is currently the creative director of the Ukrainian Institute, Kyiv (part of Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Dr. Mayhill C. Fowler is an associate professor in the Department of History at Stetson University. She has published and presented widely on culture in Ukraine, including her bookBeau Monde on Empire’s Edge: State and Stage in Soviet Ukraine. She is currently writing a book on theater women in Ukraine over the 20th century and researching a project about the former Soviet Army Theater in Lviv. She was a fellow at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and the University of Toronto, and a Fulbright scholar to Ukraine 2019-2020. She is an affiliated researcher with the Center for Urban History in Lviv, affiliated faculty in the Program in Theater Studies at Ivan Franko National University, and a full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society in New York.

Myroslava Maria Mudrak, Emerita Professor of the History of Art, The Ohio State University, specializes in the field of modernist art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Her scholarly interests focus on Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, and the former Soviet Union in relation to the philosophical and stylistic developments of the West.  For more than three decades, she taught at The Ohio State University, and lectured on the ideological discourses, socio-political influences, and artistic practice within East European cultures that use modernity to signify national identity. Mudrak’s seminal work, New Generation and Artistic Modernism in Ukrainewas awarded the Kovaliw Prize for Ukrainian Studies and was published in a Ukrainian translation by Rodovid Press in 2018.  In 2020, Mudrak was elected as a Foreign Member to the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine. She is a full member of the Shevchenko Scientific Society of America.

Brad Samuels is an assistant professor adjunct in The Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at The Cooper Union and founding partner at SITU, an unconventional architecture practice based in New York City that uses design, research, and fabrication for creative and social impact. He is responsible for strategic oversight and directs SITU’s research division which focuses on the intersection of design, human rights and technology. At SITU Research, Samuels is focused on merging data and design to create new pathways for justice. He has overseen the team’s visual investigations for legal and advocacy organizations including The International Criminal Court, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, The Associated Press, Frontline, The United Nations, and many others.

Oleh Kotsyuba is a scholar of literature and culture, manager of publications at Harvard University’s Ukrainian Research Institute, and director of the Ukraïnica database project on primary sources for the study of Ukraine. He is also the chief online editor at Krytyka, a leading Ukrainian intellectual journal.

The Shevchenko Scientific Society and The Ukrainian Museum are partners for the event, which will take place on Thursday, April 27th at 6:30pm in the Great Hall at The Cooper Union, 7 East 7th Street, NYC.

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