Where Would CNN Go for Sunday Best: The Tradition of the Church Hat? Harlem’s Heaven Hat Shop ~ Evetta Petty



When CNN decided to investigate the tradition of the Sunday Church Hat, we were not surprised that they ended up at Evetta Petty’s Harlem’s Heaven Hat Shop, and couldn’t wait to share the CNN video with you.

Visit Harlem on any given Sunday morning and you’ll see colorful and over-the-top church hats on every avenue and street. Rivaling those on view at the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue, these hats were meant to get God’s attention with a dizzying array of ribbons, fabric feathers and whatnots. It’s wearable art, Harlem style.

Want to see more?  Well, we have that too ~ from our last foray to Harlem’s Heaven Hat Shop and sharing our pictures below ~ including gorgeous lace and rhinestone masks for Mardi Gras and in-between Masquerade Balls!

Harlem’s Heaven Hats is the oldest hat shop in Harlem, and the oldest black-owned, independently run clothing store in Harlem.  Owned by Evetta Petty, her shop is the darling of the church-hat community, spanning generations.  Her clients are worldwide, and her hand-made creations have even been on exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design as part of the Global Africa Project. They come in every size and shape and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, she will make it for you.






Hand embellished lace and rhinestone masks

Young women today are carrying on the tradition.  A Church Hat  ~  “it’s a parade, it’s color, it’s magic.”

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Harlem’s Heaven Hat Shop is located  at 2538 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, at 147th Street in Harlem.  Store hours: 12pm to 6pm. Closed Sunday & Monday. Appointments available after hours.