Zaq Landsberg’s ‘Reclining Liberty’ to Pop-Up at Andrew Logan Projects, Red Hook through June 24th




Zaq Landsberg, ‘Reclining Liberty’ at Liberty State Park, NJ. Image courtesy Zaq Landsberg

We loved Zaq Landsberg’s Reclining Liberty in Morning Side Park, Harlem, and celebrated the monuments move to Liberty State Park. Now, she is packed and ready to return to New York for a brief stay in Red Hook!

Following Reclining Liberty…’s what we know. After a year on display in Liberty State Park, the 25-foot-long, 2,000 pound statue is moving indoors ~ into the Red Hook gallery space, Andrew Logan Projects located at 384 Van Brunt Street in Brooklyn for a short stay through June 24, 2023.

Follow Zaq Landsberg: Reclining Liberty from its beginning to its retirement at MoCa Arlington.

Zaq Landsberg, ‘Reclining Liberty’ in Morningside Park, Harlem. Image courtesy Zaq Landsberg

Viewers will be able to touch, climb, sit atop, lean up against the figure, and interact with the monument at a human level, like her previous exhibitions in Morningside Park and Liberty State Park, but will also get a brief, rare view of the piece before and during the refinishing process enroute to her next destination (location to be announced on June 15). The piece will move into the gallery as is, weathered, worn and burnished by hundreds of thousands of hands over the past year.

In Red Hook for a refinishing before she moves on, Zaq Landsberg’s “Reclining Liberty” will be back in New York for a brief stay in Red Hook.

There will be an Opening Celebration on June 8th from 6:00 to 8:00pm. Reclining Liberty will be on view through June 24, 2023

Andrew Logan Projects and Canal Street Studios was set up in the year 2000 by Andrew and Lexi Logan. It operates as a company that handles sculpture casting, art production and crane assisted installation. Canal St. Studios has a 10 acre facility in Bucks County PA, where the bronze foundry, blacksmith forges, painting department and art studios are located. It was here that Canal St. Studios recently completed casting a bronze staircase for the new HERMES flagship store on Madison Avenue. For over 20 years, Canal St. Studios has assisted artists, and companies in bringing their projects to fruition. Opening a showroom in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where his crane company is located, is a natural progression for Canal Street, and so was born Andrew Logan Projects.

The Projects space is particularly enthusiastic about showing Zaq’s work. His dedication, professionalism and fearlessness coupled with a penetrating humor makes for great art. As for Fitzhugh Karol, whose recent show was a smash hit, Andrew set up the gallery to further the enjoyment of such spirited artists. Presently we sense that nature would appreciate our voices. Sculpture is human nature manifested. Let’s celebrate the artists with the verve to speak this language.

Zaq Landsberg’s ‘Reclining Liberty’ in Morningside Park, Harlem.  Image courtesy Zaq Landsberg

Andrew inaugurates the second show in his new gallery showcasing sculpture. Zaq’s work explores the perimeter at a decidedly heroic scale. Come feel this exuberance at the street level, open- fronted gallery that allows for a dynamic intimacy between the piece and the public. Lady Liberty can be witnessed from the street or, cheek to cheek.

Sculpture artist, Zaq Landsberg in his studio. Photo courtesy of the artist

Reclining Liberty is made possible in part with funding from:

Exchange Place Alliance; New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection; Zaqistan Arts Council; Friends of Morningside Park; LMCC; Marcus Garvey Park Alliance; New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; New York State Council on the Arts; Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation (UMEZ)

Back in Harlem Art Park, Zaq Landsberg and Kevin Quiles Bonilla currently have the installation ‘for Centuries, and Still…’ on view through October, 2023.